Jub Jub Sexually Assaulted in Jail Cell by Inmates

Former rapper Jub Jub, is reportedly in stable condition after being sexually assaulted by three other jail inmates.

According to Correctional Services Department representative, Mr. Manelisi Wolela , Jub Jub, the award-winning rapper and an affiliated gang member, have been sexually assaulted multiple times by two rival jail mates last evening.
Jub Jub Sexually Assaulted in Jail Cell by Inmates
Sources say that Molemo “Jub Jub Maarohanye” was transported to the jail’s infirmary where a report was filed documenting the attack.
“At approximately 8:30 p.m., Mr. Maarohanye requested emergency medical attention, claiming that several inmates had entered his cell to physically and sexually abuse him,” said Capt. Wiseman Dibakwane who was also on duty last night. “Jub Jub was then taken to the infirmary to document and report his allegations. After he was examined, it is evident that a physical and sexual attack did occur.”
Though the attack is believed to be a gang-related incident, a full investigation is underway to help determine who was involved in the assaults of Mr. Jub Jub.

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