US and Netherlands fingered in funding vendors’ union

Two Western nations have been fingered in funding of resistance efforts by illegal vendors who have been ordered to move out of Harare streets to designated vending sites across the city. The move is meant to foment political upheaval in the country pursuant to the illegal regime change agenda.

Reliable sources cited the United States through PACT Civic Organisation and the Netherlands’ HIVOS Zimbabwe who are accused of funding the MDC-T aligned National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) led by Mr Stan Zvorwadza.

Mr Zvorwadza has been leading a section of illegal vendors in confrontations with Harare municipal police as they resist relocation to designated selling points. On Monday illegal vendors engaged in running battles with municipal police in the city centre although some have since to areas designated by the Harare City Council.

The sources said the funds came through the embassies of the two governments to incite street vendors to stage wildcat demonstrations against President Mugabe and the Government on the pretext of unemployment.
Stan Zvorwadza
Mr Zvorwadza’s union is reportedly receiving $10 000 every month towards that cause. The sources said Mr Zvorwadza at one time arrived at Harry Nkumbula International Airport in Zambia aboard a Kenyan Airways flight number KQ708 from Britain.

“He arrived in Nairobi from the UK and travelled on an emergency document that had no exit stamp from the UK,” said the sources.

They said Mr Zvorwadza requested the Zambian authorities take him to the US embassy for him to seek political asylum.

He allegedly stated that he was the chairperson of NVAUZ funded by the US and the Netherlands.

The Kenyan Airways flight was headed for Harare, but Mr Zvorwadza told the Zambian officials that he decided to disembark in Lusaka after he observed that there were two people on the plane who wanted to assassinate or arrest him on arrival in Harare.

The Zambian authorities interviewed the alleged would-be assassins — Kizito Chikwature and Caroline Rudo Dube — who were later allowed to re-board the plane after being assessed to be innocent.

The two had connected the flight in Nairobi from Sudan.

The Zambian authorities dismissed Mr Zvorwadza’s story and told him to continue on his journey to Harare.

Mr Zvorwadza could not be contacted for comment as he is in remand prison facing allegations of public violence after he recently led illegal vendors affiliated to his organisation in an attack on municipal police.

In another attempt at interference in Zimbabwean affairs, on June 23 this year, a US embassy official, Mr Richard Welsch, allegedly visited Queen of Grace Zim-Asset Trust (QGZT) secretary general, Mr Ephraim Chizola, asking about the source of funding for his organisation’s activities.

The QGZT is among organisations that have erected tents in the city for illegal vendors and make them pay subscriptions.

Mr Welch is alleged to have offered to assist the QGZT and advised Mr Chizola to approach him if he needed any help.

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