Mangoma sued for adultery by Tevera

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
MDC Renewal Team provincial youth leader Mr Believe Tevera yesterday approached the Civil Court seeking a peace order against the party’s treasurer-general Elton Steers Mangoma, who allegedly snatched his wife.

In his application through his lawyer Mr Tawanda Takaindisa, Mr Tevera said he was now living in fear of Mangoma after some anonymous people called and threatened him with unspecified action.

“On or around May 9 this year I established that Mangoma was having an extra-marital affair with my wife, (Miss) Yemurai Maravanyika,” read the affidavit.

“And, the two had become love-birds hence causing serious marital problems and even affecting the welfare of our innocent year-old son as (Mr) Mangoma is having quality time with my wife.
Mangoma sued for adultery by Tevera
“Aggrieved with loose pants of (Mr) Mangoma and the respect I have for him based on the leadership hierarchy, I then wrote a petition so that an inquiry would be made as to the conduct of (Mr) Mangoma.”

Mr Tevera added that he never knew that his love for democracy would be taken advantage of by (Mr) Mangoma.

“He is having an extra-marital affair with “his daughter” in age — my wife. I also want it to be clear with the court that when I went to the MDC Renewal offices on May 26, (Mr) Mangoma was there. All of a sudden he started shouting on top of his voice, pushed me, yet my crime was to seek justice through an inquiry why he is prejudicing my family having moonlight if not Romeo and Juliet romance.”

Furthermore, Mr Tevera said Mr Mangoma shouted abusive language and unprintable words.

“He went on to instruct a group of visibly drunk and bellicose hooligans to handle me, but I had no option than run for my life. However, luck did not go on my way as I was caught and thoroughly bashed by Mangoma thugs.

“I subsequently made a police report under IR051347 at Harare Central Police Station.”

Mr Tevera added that Mangoma was being cruel and egotistical.

“After having an extra-marital affair with my wife, he goes on to use his financial muscle to deploy violence against me,” read the affidavit.

“So remorseless has been (Mr) Mangoma that I received a number of threats from anonymous persons acting on his behalf. He has deployed thugs to harass me at my residential place to the extent that on the night of May 26, I slept at Glen View Police station.

“On the night in question, I was harassed by a group of men driving a white twin cab and a grey Toyota Ipsum. I reported the case to the police.”

Since the day of the assault, Mangoma is reportedly threatening Mr Tevera with unspecified action, read the affidavit.

“I am now living (sic) in fear for my life. Because of this I have no option, but to approach the court seeking a peace order on the basis of the above.”

The matter will be heard at the Harare Civil Court on June 9.

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