Baba Jukwa now in church: Disgruntled, Top PHD members form a Facebook page exposing Magaya’ secrets

A coterie of disgruntled former PHD members have formed a Facebook Page that they are using to ‘expose’ Prophet Walter Magaya.

The Facebook page named Madhiri A Magaya hardly a month old, boasts of over 3000 followers and has the same modus operandi as that of notorious faceless ZANU-PF whistle-blower Baba Jukwa.

According to information gleaned from the Facebook, their main purpose is to expose Magaya’s wickedness and to ‘let There Be True Light in Zimbabwe’

The admins reveal that they are part of Magaya’s inner circle and will continue serving and bring him down from inside as they fear for their lives should he discover they are the moles washing his dirty linen in public.
Baba Jukwa now in church: Disgruntled, Top PHD members form a Facebook page exposing Magaya’ secrets
Indeed the page comes across as intimately connected to and in the full know of many of the goings-on within PHD, dishing out a steady stream of sensational claims about the church, with one of the chief allegations being the revelation that Chipo Chakanyuka’s death in a Botswana cell was a well orchestrated plan by Magaya and his goons to silence the deceased forever as she was about to expose all the details about her romantic relationship with Magaya to the media.

So severe are some of the postings on the page that the whistle blowers allege that PHD deliberately soils the images of other ‘Prophets’ and churches in their quest to be number one. The admins promised to post more articles detailing how he has acquired his wealth, the Kwekwe disaster, bribes given to journalists and a plethora of other controversial issues that are always dodging Magaya and his popular ministry.

Other allegations are that Magaya has a ‘defence’ team whose sole purpose is to ‘counter any form of negative publicity, against prophet Magaya or PHD ‘ by commenting under various usernames on any online platforms that mention their paymaster and his organisation. The team reportedly operates from the Prophet’s private offices in Prospect, Waterfalls and Magaya is said to be in the habit of participating in the online debates about PHD that can rage for hours on most Zimbabwean news blogs and forums.

In other juicy tidbits posted on the page , the intrepid moles warn that they will be soon disclosing the names of journalists and police officers on Magaya’s payroll.

Efforts to get an official comment from PHD Ministries at the time of writing were fruitless.
Source: iHarare

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