Zuma set to marry former miss South Africa

Wedding bells are again ringing in the Zuma household, this time for the eligible bachelor and heartthrob, Duduzane Zuma.

Zuma will say "I do" to former Miss South Africa, model and businesswoman, Tatum Keshwar, in front of 500 guests at an intimate affair expected to start at the New Apostolic Church in Newlands, Durban, at 13:00 on Saturday.

The 32-year-old is the twin brother of Duduzile, who married is married to Lonwabo Sambudla.

Their mother, Mozambican-born Kate Mansho, was married to President Jacob Zuma in 1976 and they had five children together. She committed suicide in 2000.
Their mother, Mozambican-born Kate Mansho, was married to President Jacob Zuma in 1976 and they had five children together. She committed suicide in 2000.
VIP guests
One source, who did not want to be named, told News24 that politicians, business bigwigs, celebrities and some of Zuma's international associates were expected to attend the "closed session".

Several invited guests, who asked not to be named, said after the ceremony proceedings would move to the Fairmont Luxury Resort and Hotel in Zimbali, where invited guests would be screened and ushered into the reception area.

"Not all guests have been accredited. Some have been issued arm tags. They will be ushered under tight security to the marquee where the ceremony will continue," said one source.

Another said the marquee had been elegantly decorated and the colour of the day was white. The reception is expected to end at midnight.

President Jacob Zuma's brother, Michael, said he was excited to be accepting yet another bride into the Nxamalala clan.

"I am very happy. I don't know much about the Durban part, I am in Nkandla tonight," he said on Friday.

A Zuma relative living at the Nkandla homestead said the KwaMxamalala village was buzzing with excitement.

"We are very excited to be getting a new bride. Some have left for Durban in two taxis for the white wedding.

"We are at home brewing beer and preparing for Sunday's umabo, where her family will present us with gifts. On Sunday we will slaughter four cows to feed our guests," she said without divulging how much lobola Zuma had paid for the Durban beauty.

Umabo, a traditional post-nuptial ceremony, would take place in Nkandla. The gifts would include grass mats, pillows, and blankets.

"Two weeks ago we went to Durban where our family presented her family with gifts. She danced for us. Even her mother danced for us," said the Zuma relative.

She did not know how long the couple had been together.

"All I know is that they are so in love and ubaba [Jacob Zuma] is very excited. He will be at the wedding too and he will give her a Zulu name," she said.

She said the public was welcome to join the family for Sunday’s festivities and to enjoy the meat that had been prepared.

Another guest who was invited, but unable to attend, said: "My husband’s office received the invite, but he is too busy with ANC commitments today [Saturday] so I don't want to go alone."

One of Zuma's close KwaZulu-Natal business confidants said: "I was told about the wedding a long time ago, but I told them that I would only be able to make it on Sunday because I have business commitments on Saturday.

"I know that they have been dating for a while now. When I was invited to the traditional [wedding], I said I would definitely be there."

A Durban businessman could would not be drawn to give out information about the finer details. "All I can tell you is that, yes, it's his son. The one that works for the Guptas."

Wedding gown
Fashion designer Gavin Rajah denied designing the wedding gown.

"Try David Tlale, they are very good friends, he most probably designed the dress," he said.

"I don't know anything about what you are taking about," Tlale said before ending the call abruptly.

Tlale and Keshwar are said to be very close. He took her to New York Fashion week. Several pictures of the two have been posted on Keshwar's Instagram profile.

"If anyone was designing her dress, it would be David Tlale. She doesn't let anyone else dress her. They are like sisters," said one Durban designer who asked not to be named.

Little is known about Zuma's life, apart from reports of his lavish lifestyle.

In 2014 he appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court, Johannesburg, after a woman was killed when the minibus she was in overturned when his Porsche crashed into it. In December the court found that his negligence led to the woman’s death.

The National Prosecuting Authority subsequently declined to prosecute him due to a lack of evidence. News24

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