Zimbabwean women sell sex in Botswana like hot cakes, 1 round going for 20 Pula.

Residents of Itekeng ward (Area W) location in Francistown, Botswana, have vowed to stop the alarming rate of prostitution in their neighbourhood during the launch of Itekeng Ward Vision 2018 last Friday.

Area W, popularly known as 'Doublers', is one of the areas that have been plagued by prostitution in the city. The prostitutes in the area sell sex for low prices like hot cakes.

It is believed that sex can be bought from as little as P20 (US$2) in the area and the culprits are mainly Zimbabwean sex prostitutes and a few locals.
Zimbabwean women sell sex in Botswana like hot cakes, 1 round going for 20 Pula.
Area councillor Lesego Kwambala said that prostitution is high in the area urging residents not to rest on their laurels until the problem is addressed.

He said that what worries him the most is that residents of the ward are the ones harbouring sex workers in their homes.

"I know that you stay with these people, but be warned that we are going to remove them from your houses very soon. These people tarnish the image of our ward because prostitution is illegal in this country," said Kwambala.

He said that their ward is in a prime area next to the city centre and has lots of entertainment facilities that attract people to come to the area in droves.

He added that the dangers of prostitution are known by everybody and need not be overemphasised.

"We all know the majority of the sex workers as they reside with us here with a few coming from other locations for better business here. Therefore, we should join hands and evict them from our ward," he said.

He added that they want to build a better location that can produce responsible individuals.

Echoing Kwambala's sentiments, Edith Machola, an elder in the ward pleaded with members of the community to help arrest the scourge of prostitution in the ward.

Machola said besides prostitution, illegal shebeens are a problem too.

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