Winky D booed off stage as Luciano shines and Soul Jah Love AWOL.

JAMAICAN reggae sensation Luciano put up a sterling performance and lived up to his promise to Zimbabwean fans soon after he touched down at the airport last Tuesday.

Luciano did not disappoint the many fans who thronged Glamis Arena in the capital on Friday night for his much awaited show dubbed Pacific Zimbabwe SunSplash.

True to his words, Luciano, affectionately known as the Messenger’s high octane performance left fans clamouring for more.

Although the collaborative effort for the show between Chipaz Promotions and Savanna Tobacco failed to attract a bumper crowd, Luciano’s performance was nonetheless a thriller.
Winky D booed off stage as Luciano shines and Soul Jah Love AWOL.
Obviously leaving the organisers counting their losses, the gathering at the show resembled part of the crowd the Batai Munhu combination of Sulumani Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah would attract during their joint performances.

The poor attendance did not dissuade the Messenger from doing what he knows best. With local artistes appearing to be running out of steam and promoters trying their luck on foreign artistes, it was a different hymn for Luciano who managed to steal the thunder.

Born Jephter McClymont, Luciano was performing in the country for the second time in eight years having performed in 2007 courtesy of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

Backed by local band Hotta Fire, The Give My Love A Try hit maker got to the stage around midnight and wasted no time getting straight into the business of the night as he was left to rule the night after some of the local artistes who were part of the line-up failed to impress.

Luciano’s playlist which included hits Give Praise, In This Together, Sweep Over My Soul, It’s Me Again Jah and One Way Ticket among others, proved to be popular with revellers who constantly sang along.

While the Messenger managed to thrill, some of the local acts failed to rise to expectations.
Self-proclaimed dancehall president Winky D failed to match Luciano while Martin Sibanda and his Ndolwane Super Sounds proved more of studiomen than stage musicians, disappointing fans.

Taking it from the fans’ reaction, their gestures showed that they were not satisfied with the duo’s performance who could have been embarrassed after disappointed fans started throwing beverage cans in the air pelting and possibly demanding them to leave the stage.

They could have pelted the duo with the cans, but refrained possibly out of respect to the Messenger whose lyrics are dominated by messages of peace.

Fans waved Winky D off the stage after his dismal performance while others could be seen leaving the venue during his early performance.

Unlike his previous live shows, it was rare that fans would walk out of the venue while the Bhachi neJean singer would be performing.

“Winky D is slowly getting finished, he has nothing new to offer and his playlist has not changed for a while.
“It is predictable; I know which song he is going to play after this one and he wants us to wait for that? See you guys I am leaving,” one of the fans could be heard complaining.

And true, Winky D went on to play the same song according to the fans’ prediction.
However, Dendera ace Sulumani Chimbetu who played as the opening act, contemporary musician Jah Prayzah as closing act, dancehall chanters Tocky Vibes, Sniper Storm and Dadza D managed to put up a sterling performance that sent fans into a frenzy.

Chimbetu could have been disappointed to perform in an ‘empty venue’ after he was made to cover up for Sibanda and his Ndolwane Super Sounds who were supposed to give the opening performance at the time fans were still trickling in. Sibanda arrived late for the show.

It was the same story for the Tsviriyo singer who also performed for a handful crowd when he gave the closing act at a time fans had already left after Ndolwane Super Sounds and Winky D’s poor performances.
Dancehall music “bad boy” Soul Jah Love seems to be continuing with his act of non-fulfilment of contractual obligations despite claiming that it had become a thing of the past when he appointed his wife Bounty Lisa as his manager.

It appears he is determined to continue snubbing shows. On Friday, he pulled another shocker by failing to turn up for the show despite having received upfront payment.

Many thought he would change after his recent predicament in the hands of the police in Mutare after he failed to fulfil two assignments that resulted in businessman-cum- politician Esau Mupfumi reporting him to the police.
It seems Soul Jah Love has not repented.

NewsDay is reliably informed that the Ndini Uya Uya singer was actually performing in Zvishavane, but he continuously lied to the event organiser (Chipaz) that he was going to turn up for the show.
On several occasions Jah Love has left both fans and promoters upset.

The Conquering president, born Soul Musaka is failing to take advantage and capitalise on his popularity on the showbiz scene as he continues boycotting shows.

Sound groups that took turns to entertain fans on the turntables included Judgement Yard, Fyah Lynx, Red Fox Sound and Black Spider with turntable experts like Templeman, Gary B and DJ Cables.

Speaking to NewsDay, Chipaz said he was happy with both local acts and Luciano’s performance and thanked fans who attended the show for their support.

“It was a good show, though the turnout was low, all the artistes who performed showed commitment,” Chipaz said.
After his performance, Luciano left the country on Saturday and travelled to Ghana for another concert.
Despite having a busy schedule, Luciano managed to record a duet with Jah Prayzah at Monolio Studios owned by prolific guitarist- cum-producer Mono Mukundu

Source: NewsDay

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