WAR OF LOVE AND LUST! Three women sangomas have the hots for one man.

THERE WAS a time when sangoma Ntswaki had a sweet life with her sangoma husband Phillip. But according to Ntswaki, not one but two sangomas have ruined her happy marriage bed.


Sangoma Ntswaki Pelo (47) from Tsakane, Ekurhuleni said her two friends betrayed her.
WAR OF LOVE AND LUST! Three women sangomas have the hots for one man.
“I already knew Majika Nomthwalo when we went to the same gobela to become sangomas.

“We became great friends and helped

each other with healing patients that f locked to our houses.”

But while her business was growing, Ntswaki found out that her good friend, Majika had become the lover of her husband, Phillip Pelo (57).

“In the early years my husband loved me and treated me like a queen,” she said.

“Majika was suffering and I provided for her, giving her money and food.”

She said at that time she introduced Majika to her husband.

“But they betrayed me and started sleeping in my bed after he chased me out of the house,” she said.

Ntswaki said when she confronted Majika, Majika told her Phillip had said Ntswaki was only a girlfriend, not his wife.

She said while she was still in shock over her husband cheating on her with her best friend, she found out he had also been dating other sangomas.

“I don’t know why he is targeting sangomas,” she said.

Ntswaki has been separated from her husband since 2012 and said she is not going anywhere until Phillip performs rituals for her ancestors and her gobela’s ancestors, as he did before they were married.

Majika, who refused to disclose her age, told Daily Sun she never forced Phillip to do anything.

“What is more, before we had even met Phillip, Ntswaki had stolen a lover from me.”

Gobela Lilian Khambule, who trained the two sangomas, said she has advised Majika not to fight over the man.

“Even the police have been calling on me to speak to the two sangomas but their war over Phillip rages on,” said Lilian.

The other sangoma, Paulina Khaya, said she never dated Phillip.

“Ntswaki must leave me alone. She must clean her house and not accuse people of stealing her men,” said the 70-year-old woman.

Phillip, who is no longer involved with any of the women, said nobody should tell him who he should love or how many women he should have in his life.

“I dumped Ntswaki two years ago. I don’t love her anymore. That’s why I threw her out of the house,” he said. Daily Sun.

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