SELF-CONFESSED teenage witch (16) claims she owns of 10 hyenas and 10 snakes which she uses in her nocturnal activities.

A SELF-CONFESSED teenage witch (16) from Chief Zimunya’s area claimed she was a proud owner of 10 hyenas and 10 snakes which she uses in her nocturnal activities.

The teenager (name withheld) shocked people gathered at Acting Chief Zimunya’s court recently when she vividly narrated their spine-chilling underworld trade which has resulted in the deaths of some villagers in the peri-urban area which has over the years sent tongues wagging because of acts of sorcery.
SELF-CONFESSED teenage witch (16) claims she owns of 10 hyenas and 10 snakes which she uses in her nocturnal activities.
The witch claims that she is now being haunted by the avenging spirit of one of her group’s victims who is baying for her blood.

In a macabre real-life drama, the girl stunned the court when she disrupted proceedings for a few minutes, crying, claiming she was seeing the ghost of Tracy Mutendi, whom she allegedly caused her death through witchcraft.

The girl’s mother, Francesca Chitambo-Bhasera, said she was not sure whether the incision marks on the teenager’s body were from the girl’s paternal side or from the wife of her husband’s elder brother, Alick. Francesca said she came to the chief’s court to seek his counsel on how to handle the case which has now divided the family. The girl confessed to being a witch claiming that she was initiated by her paternal grandmother.

She said her tools of the trade include 10 hyenas and the same number of snakes.
What, however, surprised the court was that in her confession when she was asked her name, the girl claimed to be Portia Bhasera, the wife of her stepfather’s elder brother.

“I have incision marks inserted on me by my grandmother. I have eaten over 25 corpses and human meat tastes good. We ate the body of Tracy Mutendi who is now haunting me. She is now summoning others baying for my blood and I am having sleepless nights . . .

“My name is Portia. My husband (Portia’s husband Alick) is my horse. I have 10 hyenas and 10 snakes. My other snakes are in Gombakomba where they feed on milk from Portia’s grandmother, but she does not know this,” she ranted unperturbed in her manifestation.
She claimed that the black mambas that were currently being seen in Madziva Village chasing people were hers.

One of the snakes allegedly chased her stepfather Edmore Bhasera when he was coming from the fields recently and the other snake chased their neighbour’s little boy who escaped death by a whisker by seeking refuge at the Bhasera residence.

“You (referring to Edmore) were supposed to die because you talk too much. That day that snake was supposed to kill you. As for that boy, he was lucky because he ran towards the Bhasera residence. He was meant to die,” boldly declared the girl.

She, however, said she was tired of the trade and wanted to lead a normal life again.
Francesca said the problem started in 2013 when Portia used to fall into a trance. She said she sought the assistance of a local prophet, Mai Zingwe, who managed to make the spirits possessing her daughter speak.

Mai Zingwe told the court that the girl was being used by her late uncle and aunt to boost their businesses, but she cured her.

“I managed to remove a scorpion and a snake from the girl. She was well for a while in December and the problem started again recently. But now the spirit is manifesting again claiming to be Portia.

“I told the stepfather, Edmore, and asked him if I should perform the same ritual we had performed to cast out the spirits haunting her, but he told me to wait until he talked to his brother,” said Mai Zingwe.

Spine-chilling testimonies were revealed about people who the girl and other witches ate in surrounding villages.

Acting Chief Zimunya said they should come back on April 30 and go to a traditional healer for consultation. He instructed both Edmore and Alick Bhasera to each look for $150 for the traditional healer’s consultation fee and another $30 each for the chief’s aide who will escort them.

Acting Chief Zimunya said he would pass his verdict based on the outcome from the traditional healer’s consultations.

“This matter involves human lives, so appeasement is needed. We must unearth the truth first,” said Acting Chief Zimunya.

In October last year, another 15-year-old girl from Zimunya appeared at Chief Zimunya’s court confessing to witchcraft after being involuntarily inducted at the age of 10 by her grandmother.
Source – Manica Post

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