Man Hacked By His Own Hoe.

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
A suspected drunk man from Gutu allegedly fatally struck a fellow villager with a hoe following a misunderstanding over ploughing across a footpath, police have said. Police said Hebert Makotose, 27, hit Emmanuel Mukora, 41, with his own hoe once on the head and once on his arm.

Sources said Mukora had come armed with the hoe intending to attack Makotose but was overpowered and disarmed before he was allegedly fatally attacked.

Mukora of Village 25 in Chatsworth farming area died while admitted to Gutu District Hospital on Monday.
Man Hacked By His Own Hoe.
Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna confirmed the incident.

He said Mukora was attacked on Saturday but died two days later from injuries sustained from the assault.

“We confirm receiving a report of murder involving two men from Chatsworth. We’ve since identified the deceased who died two days later after the assault as Hebert Mukora of Village 25,” said Asst Insp Nduna.

He said Mukora’s body was at Gutu District Hospital for a post-mortem while the suspect was in custody assisting police with their investigations.

Asst Insp Nduna said Mukora and Makotose were drinking beer at an outlet in the farming community when they decided to go home together.

“Upon reaching Makotose’s farm on their way home, a dispute arose over why Makotose had ploughed across a path used by members of the public. A heated argument ensued which attracted another patron, James Tapwanya, 41, of the same village. Tapwanya moved in to calm the pair. After Tapwanya successfully separated the two, he took Mukora to his homestead,” he said.

Asst Insp Nduna said the two antagonists left the scene separately, after indicating they were going to their respective homes.

He said when Makotose reached his homestead, he found Mukora waiting for him at the gate, armed with a hoe.

“The two started arguing again and in the process, Makotose managed to disarm Mukora. Mukora took to his heels but the emotionally charged Makotose chased after him. He caught up with Mukora and in his drunken stupor struck him once on the head and once on the right arm.

“Mukora sustained a deep cut on the forehead and right hand before his assailant disappeared from the scene. He was rushed to Gutu District Hospital where he died on Monday from the injuries,” he said.

Asst Insp Nduna said a report was made on Monday to the police leading to Makotose’s arrest.

Police said when Mukora was attacked the villagers did not immediately report the matter to them.

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