Jonathan Moyo boldly declares that he is too smart to be seen 'seating under a tree with his constituency'.

Zanu-PF Tsholotsho North by-election candidate and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo has boldly declared that he is too smart to be seen 'seating under a tree with his constituency'.

Speaking during a Zi-FM Sterio Monday evening interview monitored by Bulawayo24 News, Moyo said he "was about to win Tsholotsho" but he cannot to be seen 'distributing eggs, chicken and pigs'.

Moyo was given a chance to have another shot at the constituency after he lost in the 2013 elections to Roselyn Nkomo.
Information Minister Jonathan Moyo
He won the seat twice as an independent candidate but dramatically lost the seat under Zanu-PF jacket

"I lost in 2013 (by a whisker, losing is losing). One factor that might have decided the negative result is that I was very busy at the national level and I was involved with the manifesto of the party and I actually campaigned in the constituency for the last ten days of the election.

"One draws lessons from that if you a going to represent the people at the national level in Harare which is where parliament is.

"The people will also want to be with you, have access to you and interact and there was not that that kind of interaction (in 2013)

" But am not the kind of representative they expect to seat under the tree with them and exchange our troubles. They expect me to represent them here in Harare because this is where national decision are made and affect development across the country.

"They expect that representation to find expression in Tsholotsho through real development projects that caters for everyone.

"They don't expect me to be distributing eggs, chicken and pigs here and there..." he boosted.Source: Byo24News

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