Beverly Sibanda Banned From Dancing.

A chief in Hurungwe has banned dancer Bev and other dance groups saying their dances were immoral. Chief Dendera said show promoters should not bring Bev and dancing queens to Magunje growth point.

"We must not compromise our tradition and put money ahead of our values and morals. A woman must not expose her private parts for the sake of money. From today, no businessperson shall hire or host such dancing groups at this centre. These ladies are violating our traditions here, let them do it in Harare and not here," he fumed.
Beverly Sibanda Banned From Dancing.
Chief Dendera threatened to take the matter to higher offices in order to effect the withdrawal of operating licences for any businessperson who resists his order.

Dancers' Association of Zimbabwe president Harpers Mapimhidze said while the chief was right to denounce naked or near-naked groups from performing in his area, it was wrong to apply a blanket ban on all dance groups.

"Not all groups get naked on stage or are involved in prostitution. Most are actually genuine dance groups seeking to earn a living through dance and not prostitution. Some are even into traditional dance," said Mapimhidze, who is also raunchy dancer Bev's manager.

He added: "It's only a few bad apples causing all these problems for the entire industry.

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