Shock as woman apologises to husband for being raped by Gumbura-like Bishop Magorimbo

THE husband to one of the women allegedly raped by Abundant Global Life Ministries founder Bishop Danmore Magorimbo yesterday told Harare magistrate Adonia Masawi that his wife apologised to him for having sexual intercourse with the cleric.

Speaking during cross-examination by Magorimbo’s lawyer, Witness Chinyama, the man, however, admitted that a rape victim would under normal circumstances not apologise to society.

Chinyama said it did not make sense that the woman would apologise for having been raped.

Asked what he did after learning that his wife had had sexual intercourse with her pastor, the man said he did not take any action against her, but sought legal help.

Shock as woman apologises to husband for being raped by Gumbura-like Bishop Magorimbo
He also told the court that he asked his wife to write a report and he went through it before it was presented to his lawyers.

He said initially when he asked his wife if she had had intercourse with Magorimbo, she denied it, but he was later told by his lawyers after listening to the audio conversation that there were criminal elements in the conversation.

The incident is said to have occurred in April last year at the church’s premises in Belvedere where Magorimbo allegedly approached the woman who was in the prayer room and told her he wanted to chase out evil spirits planted into her by her husband during sex before inviting her to his office.

Magorimbo was allegedly helped to rape the woman by his head intercessor and co-accused Leeshalow Kambiro.

Magorimbo allegedly repeated the act again the following day, saying she needed a second dose of the anointing before Kambiro threatened the woman not to make the matter public otherwise she risked the wrath of God.

The matter is expected to continue on Monday with two other witnesses expected to testify during the trial.
Written by Newsday 

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