Retired soldier escapes false rape charges, sues for $10,000

A RETIRED soldier, who was recently charged with raping a juvenile only for the court to rule that he had been framed, is now suing the minor’s family for defamation.

Cuthbert Chapwanya, 45, of Plot 39, Green Hills, Mazare, Masvingo, is demanding $10,000 in damages from Susan Mukewa, who reported him for the rape.
Retired soldier escapes false rape charges, sues for $10,000
The case was thrown out by the courts for lack of evidence.

Chapwanya told magistrate Lyn Manyika at the Masvingo Civil Court that he was forced to resign from his job because of the rape allegations and therefore wants $10 000 for the suffering he endured.

He was employed by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and stationed at 4.1 Brigade Headquarters.
The former soldier was arrested in June 2012 after Mukewa reported that he had raped a 13-year-old mentally challenged juvenile.

Chapwanya appeared at the Masvingo Magistrates Court but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Said the former gunman: “Your worship; I strongly believe that this woman wanted to fix me after I discouraged her from abusing the girl.

“After I was arrested I was left with no option but to resign from my work because my image had been tainted.

“I therefore demand $10 000 for tainting my character in society.”

The court heard that since June 2012 when he was dragged to the courts Chapwanya had a torrid time at work and on the local social scene as he had been labelled a rapist.

Magistrate Manyika deferred the case to March 26 for judgement.

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