Mathias Mhere cheated - Gift Mahlupeka who cheated with Mhere's wife reveals

The man accused of having an affair with Mathis Mhere's wife has released a song dissing the gospel artist. Gift Mahlupeka's single called "Simudzwa NaMwari" was released on Saturday.

He denied that he was capitalising on his new found fame. "I believe in every situation people get into, one learns a lesson from it.

Everyone knows that I was accused of cheating with Mhere's wife, something that I never did. It was a fabricated story that I still deny even today so after the incident I just learnt that people are losing track of their purposes in life," he told The Herald.
Mathias Mhere cheated - Gift Mahlupeka who cheated with Mhere's wife reveals
Mahlupeka said it was disheartening that he has been used by the gospel artiste who wanted to sell his latest offering "Glory to Glory".

Mhere's album reportedly sold very well after its launch coincided with the media barrage of the alleged affair. "People must not use their own ways to get fame, fame and everything comes from God, people may give you wrong advice that will leave you regretting but God is faithful and if you do good he will defiantly reward you," he said.

Asked why he maintains that there was no affair yet Dzinamarira is on record asking Mhere for forgiveness over the matter which would apparently translate into an admission of guilty, Mahlupeka averred that the couple had taken a united stand against him. Mahlupeka further claimed that Mathias Mhere was a serial womaniser whose marriage nearly collapsed after his wife bumped into a string of messages in his phone from various women.

"Susan has no option but to take her husband's side so as to save her rocky marriage and also promote sales of the album. Now I have been branded the villain of the piece. Everyone who is close to Mhere knows that his wife once moved out of the marriage after she saw some explicit messages with some girlfriends but now he wants to use my name to save his collapsing marriage," he said.

In the song Mahlupeka attacks people who are prepared to sacrifice their marriages in their quests. Mahlupeka encourages people to seek favour and praises from the Lord not from people.

"Kana ukasimudzwa nevanhu, vanhu vachakuwisirazve pasi . . . Zviri nani kusimudzwa na Jesu . . . Vamwe vari kuvaka matendere avo neminhenga yevamwe . . . vamwe vachiputsa nyangwe misha yavo nekuda kwembiri . . . Chinin'ina vhunzawo vakuru vanombozvifambisawo seiko . . . Toita vana vadiki pazvinhu zva Mwari . . . topiwa mazita makuru anopfuura kuzodzwa kwatinako . . ." Goes part of the song.

Mathias Mhere refused to comment on Mahlupeka's song as he said he had not yet heard it.

Written by Newsday

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