Man knocks out wife's tooth in fight over bread

A Bulawayo woman lost a tooth and was left nursing bruises on her shoulder and a cut on her lip after her husband allegedly bashed her in a fight over bread.

Moses Mudadigwa (31) of Nketa suburb allegedly demolished a whole loaf leaving none for his children.

His wife Yvonne Toendepi (28) allegedly asked her husband for money to buy another loaf of bread for his children who had not eaten anything since morning.

Mudadigwa allegedly lost his temper after his son took the money and said he would buy the bread at a tuck shop instead of a supermarket.
Man knocks out wife's tooth in fight over bread
Toendepi allegedly tried to intervene saying there was no difference where the children bought the bread.

Mudadigwa, allegedly jumped at his wife, bit her and punched her until a tooth flew out of her mouth.

Mudadigwa appeared before Magistrate Tancy Dube facing a physical abuse charge.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody to today.
The court heard that on Sunday last week at around 12 noon, Toendepi asked her husband to buy bread foe the children as he had eaten everything.

The infuriated Mudadigwa started shouting at his wife who was begging him to calm down, in front of the children, but he went ballistic.

He went on to kick her on the back, head and left jaw several times, before knocking out her tooth with a punch.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Mudadigwa's arrest while Toendepi was referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals.

Source: Byo24News

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