Grandmother kills husband, carries chopped body parts around in handbag

A grandmother has been found guilty of killing her husband, chopping his body parts and stuffing them in her bag for six years. A 63-year-old woman who has been described as a 'very nice and loving grandmother', Loretta Burroughs, has been found guilty of killing her husband, chopping up the corpse and stuffing the head and other parts of the body in her handbag and moved from house to house, the Mirror reports.
Loretta Burroughs had the body parts of her her whom she murdered for 6 years.
While at it, the granny pretended her husband Daniel, had run off to Florida with a younger woman from the home they shared in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

The dreadful murder which was carried out in 2007, was discovered when her husband's brother reported him missing to the police and their swift investigations led them to her.

Burroughs was found guilty of first degree murder for stabbing her husband to death, chopping up his body with a knife and a saw, packing it into two plastic totes, and dragging it with her as she moved three times in six years.

Forensic pathologist, Dr Charles F Siebert Jr, testified he found body parts wrapped in air fresheners and scented beads to mask the odour of death.

She now faces life in prison when sentenced on April 22.

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