Bulawayo married woman demands bush sex from her own husband

A BULAWAYO man has been dragged to court by his wife for allegedly being sexually abusive. But in denying the allegations, Bhekimpilo Ngwenya, a vendor from Kingsdale suburb, said his wife Maria Njovo, prefers bush sex and this was the source of their problems.

He told magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure that when he refuses to go to the bush and sleeps with her in the house, she says he is abusing her. Njovo, who is also a vendor, was applying for a protection order saying she no longer wants to live with Ngwenya.

Bulawayo married woman demands bush sex from her own husband
"Your Worship, I just don't want be with him anymore. He harasses me whenever I meet him. He sleeps with me by force and doesn't choose a place. He just sleeps with me wherever he feels like even in the bush," Njovo said.

She added that Ngwenya mocks her about her HIV status and tells their child that she is going to die anytime soon.

"I was thinking of going back to him and fixing our marriage but he is harassing me. My child was also emotionally affected when she learnt about my status and she couldn't concentrate on her studies," Njovo said.

When the magistrate asked Ngwenya if he had a problem with the protection order being granted, he said it was going to protect him as well.

"The way she hates me now I think it's best if it can be granted because If I get caught having sex with her in the bush, she will cry rape. I think this protection order will also protect me as well," he said.

Ngwenya said he did not disclose Njovo's status to their child but it was Njovo's sisters who told the child.

"Your Worship, I and her sisters aren't in good books. They're the ones who told the child about her status. When I came to visit my child, one of the sisters chucked me out saying I've Aids and I infected Njovo. They said that in the presence of our daughter," he said.

Magistrate Mashavakure granted Njovo the protection order and directed Ngwenya to stop being sexually abusive.
Written by Chronicle 

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